7 - 9 April 2021

Pobediteley Ave., 20/2, Minsk, Belarus



7.04 - 9.04. 2021

International Specialized Exhibition of

Housing and Communal services and Road building

Heat and gas supply

  • Heating and hot water supply systems
  • Heat and power engineering equipment, heat exchangers, radiators
  • Steel and Iron water boilers and equipment 
  • Pump installations, pipes, piping reinforcement, locking and regulating equipment for heating network
  • Repairing materials and equipment
  • Electric heating equipment

Energy and resource saving  

  • Energy saving in heating network
  • Energy efficient equipment and energy effective technologies
  • Environment friendly waste disposed, waste processing for energy generation
  • Resource-saving technologies and equipment. Environment protection equipment
  • Meters for heat, water, gas and their equipment

Water supply and extraction

  • Water treatment, water-supply, water extraction and sewerage technologies and equipment
  • Pumps and pump installations
  • Pipes, piping reinforcement, shut-off and regulating equipment for water-supply
  • Sanitary machinery. Purifying constructions 
  • Natural, table, mineral, spring and eco- water. Bottled water

Ventilation systems and conditioning

  • Air-conditioners (automobile, home)
  • Ventilation and fans (domestic fans, ventilation installation, air duct)
  • Heaters (infra-red heaters, fireplaces, halogen heaters, convector heaters, fan heaters)
  • Air humidification, dehumidification, purification, ionization (air cleaners, humidifiers, ionizers)

Electric power supply. Lighting engineering

  • Electrical networks and power supply installations
  • Power plants, technologies and equipment for power supply
  • Electro technical, distributing panel-boarded equipment and units
  • Cables, wires, installation equipment, switchgear. Wiring equipment
  • Street lighting, traffic lights

Maintenance and operation of housing sector. Sanation. Repair.  

  • Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of residential buildings, equipment, technology
  • Construction materials, hydraulic, electrical and thermal insulation, sound-absorbing materials, roofing, cladding materials, paints, sealants, scaffolding, formwork, tools
  • Lift facilities. Elevator supervisory system control and communications
  • Life-support systems of residential buildings, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, smoke alarm, video surveillance, monitoring and access control
  • Cleaning equipment and services. Clothing, footwear, uniform

Municipal and road building machinery

  • Machinery for road and sidewalk cleaning, repairing and disposal of solid waste
  • Maintenance of parks and yards
  • Crane and lifting equipment. Drilling technology. Mobile compressor stations
  • Repair, service, supplies, equipment for machinery
  • Rent and lease of machinery

Testing  equipment for Housing and Communal Services

Road building and maintenance

Sanitation of cities and towns

Machinery and equipment for maintenance of urban areas. Outdoor landscaping.

City transport

The event is held together with the international specialized exhibition “Belarusian Construction Week”

Conferences, seminars, business meetings, presentations of native and foreign companies
will be held during the exhibition.


Contact person: Darya Ivanova

Tel\fax: (+375-17) 226-98-58